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Bug Report
All my markers have disappeared
ID: 789Status: OpenVersion: N/AReport Date: 5. June 2024Product: Authoring Tool
Reportereliot M
AssigneeTy Sampson

Hey ! First of all, thank you very much, because I’ve been looking for a site like yours for a while, and I’m very happy to have found it! I have a problem with the creation of my card, in fact two problems: The first is that I can no longer find the save button. I already used it yesterday, there were no problems, but this morning, impossible to find it. And as soon as I notice that, I also notice that my window was updated and all my markers had disappeared! So I’m a little sad that I lost the beginning of my job, but hey, it wasn’t much. It’s especially annoying because I can’t use your site until this problem is resolved… Ah, and I also notice the word “warning” written at the top right of the page, a little hidden under the map. I can’t click on it or see more. Hoping you find it quickly, thank you again for your work!

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