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Share your

interactive map

You got a map of a fictional world, full of interesting places and want to share it with your roleplaying group, the readers of your book or the other fans of that game you love? You have come to the right place! 

how it works

Sharing your world as an online map akin to google maps is child’s play with our easy authoring tool. In a few simple steps you will have a neat web application to share.

Upload your map

You simply upload your map image and we automatically generate a zoomable web map application from it.

Place your markers

Just put a map pin at every interesting location. Don’t worry, you can always move and change them later.


Add popups

Add attributes like name or community size and a description to your map markers

Choose icons

Assign fitting symbols to your map markers, so it is inherently evident what it depicts.

Determine zoom levels

Showing all markers at all times can result in map clutter. That is why you can choose when they appear.


That’s it! Now go and share the link to your awesome new map tool and enjoy the praise.

Alpha version

Currently in early Access 


What does Alpha Version mean?

This means that is in no way fully functional yet. We're hard at work to make it your favourite place to share and explore maps of fantastic worlds, but right now it is just a taste of what's to come.

What is already working?

At the moment we have a stable working prototype. User Management is also already in place. Soon you will be able to create your first maps and share them with your audience.

Everything in the plan descriptions written in italics is still development.

What is coming next?

Glad you asked! You can see our development goals on our Roadmap. Of course this is susceptible to change and features might get pushed to a later version if they prove more challenging than expected or better yet, pulled to an earlier release if things go well.

Also, we would love to hear from you which features you want to see first and will adapt our plans accordingly.

Why should I sign up now?

In signing up you show us that what we do is wanted by people, the thing that motivates us the most. Choosing a paid plan will enables us to spend more time developing the site and thus result in earlier and more features for everyone.