Subject to change


Below you can see our main development goals for the planned updates. These will always be accompanied with minor improvements, bug fixes and quality of life updates.

Of course this roadmap is susceptible to change and features might get pushed to a later version if they prove more challenging than expected or better yet, pulled to an earlier release if things go well. 

Also, we would love to hear from you which features you want to see first and will adapt our plans accordingly.

0.3 Basic Features

The minimal features are in place:

✓ Create Maps

✓ Edit Maps

✓ Share maps

0.4 Site Upgrades

This update will focus on improving the User Experience  of the website.

✓ Map Gallery

✓ Better subscription plan distinction

✓ UI Improvements

0.5 Better Editing Update

Update 0.5 will introduce new features and improvements for map editing

✓ Search for Markers

✓ Sidebar with additional options (define max Zoom, define icon size, etc.)

✓ Better Symbol Picker UI

✓ WYSIWYG Editor for the description

✓ Add Scale and Measurement

✓ Prettier Pop-ups

0.6 Sharing Update

In this update we will improve map sharing and off-site use.

✓ Password protected maps

✓ Embed Codes for maps

✓ Map Gallery tags, search and filtering

✓ Export Maps for offline use

✓ More website usability improvements (e.g. upload progress bar)

0.7 Better Maps Update

In 0.7 we will focus on enhancing and introducing map features

✓ Full Screen Maps

✓ Detail maps

✓ Replace background image

✓ Permalinks to map locations

 Custom markers

 Custom Popup Backgrounds

  • Add images to popups
0.8 Social Update

The Social Update will provide ways to interact with other user on the site

  • Referral System
  • Onsite Groups
    • Messaging
    • Sharing maps within groups
    • etc.)
  • Individual marker sharing
0.9 Advanced Map Update

There is always room for more and better map features

  • Story Maps
    • Map auto-zooms to places mentioned in a text you’re scroll to.
  • Draw area and line features
  • Map Layers
    • Switch between background images – e.g. physical and political map
1.0 Complete Package

Overhaul and polish everything!

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